«Art Camp» -

the creative camp for photographers at

the Baltic sea!

Art Camp – these are master classes from masters of photo art from Russia and Baltic, open-airs, work with models and make-up artists, participants’ portfolio discussion and photo competitions!
Art Camp – that is creative atmosphere, informal dialogue with masters of photo art, carnival and parties!
Art Camp – these are three hundred persons from Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Russia and Belarus which are united by one: they, as well as you, look at the world through a camera objective!

The song about ArtCamp!

lyrics and performance by Maxim Shamrov


From August, 13 till August, 15,
Ventspils, Latvia.




Valts Kleins

No matter what we are doing in our life, it leads to the learning of the world and self-comprehension in this world. The photography is not an exception. Each has the personal experience, but, as a rule, it is difficult to evaluate the value of achievements and truth of the selected way. Some people, on basis of self-experience, speak, some — do not. Both take photographs. Art Camp 2010 is a good possibility to learn others` opinion, to get free of your own creative power` constraints and to acquire reliance that all of us follow the same purpose irrespective of skin color, language or age. Wise men say that God has no religion. Also the Art Camp 2010 has not; we love each and every one who has chosen this way. Valts Kleins


Aleksandr Vovny


Nikolay Shelushenkov


Ilona Pulkstene


Martinsh Vanags


Roman Kaboshko

The expert of special effects, movie and theatrical make-up, he was qualified in Vienna and Paris, repeatedly participated in clips, films and children's fairy tales shootings, conducted own art-shows.

Master class on special effects.

Person transformation, using make-up, in various monsters, werewolves, vampires, fantastic characters etc., also creation of various wounds, damages, other unusual changes of a skin and external look entirely.

(he uses for work - PRO products, latex, gummosis, plaster, plasto vax, blood etc., also a complete spectrum of decorative cosmetics)

Valentina Doneiko


Irina Salish


Irina Salish


Gundega Dege


Irena Goluba

Victor Deschenko

Dmitry Bulkin

Michael Kopeikin

Julija Timoschenko


Oksana Savitska

The body-art artist, the master of decorative and wig making art, the participant and the winner of dozens of competitions, both in Latvia, and behind its limits.

Master class on body-art.

Drawing on a body, transformation of a man's and female figure to art objects, as a theme for a body-art could be different drawings, photos, architectural structures etc. The main object is a person’s body, but the contents reveals by means of nonverbal language of drawing – application of certain signs, ornaments, strike an attitude and gesture.

(uses a complete spectrum of decorative cosmetics)

Dainis Matisons


Andrey Salikov


Romans Drits


"Piejūras kempings", Ventspils


Photo festival participants can settle in camping "Piejūras kempings" territory or in comfortable hotel nearby to a camping.


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We offer following variants of accommodation:

We offer following variants of accommodation:

1. Hotel accommodation (double rooms) The price (1 person): 12 LVL / 2 nights.

2. Living in own tent at camping territory The price for one night: 3 LVL for tent + 3 LVL for 1 person in tent.

3. Accommodation at small houses in camping territory (cost of small houses is indicated for 2 nights):

• «Metras» - quadruple small house without conveniences - 60 LVL.

• «Aleja 2» - small house with two double rooms, kitchen, WC - 100 LVL.

• «Aleja 1» - small house with two double rooms, kitchen, WC, shower - 120 LVL. Rooms in small houses can be purchased separately.

Expenses for meals - dinner cost 3 LVL. 


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